Tiffany Blue, Baby Blue and Navy Flowers

We love trying to incorporate any color the client wishes into the bouquets, ceremony and centerpieces. Some colors are easier than others because they come in a variety of different flowers. Others, like navy are not so easy. Here are a few of my go to depending on the time of year:

  • Anemone – feathery white flower with navy or black center (available November to May)
  • Thistle, Supernova, Echinops or Blue bell – ranges in size and color from blue to navy with a hint of gray (different seasons for each variety)
  • Nigella – soft blue with a messy wildflower crown, perfect for light blue/gray (available July and August)
  • Scabiosa – delicate lightweight petals with a beautifully textured center that resembles a globe (available April through June)
  • Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) – royal blue with a miniture grape look, great for texture and variety (available November through March)
  • Cornflower – bright blue with a darker center, looks like a bright crown perfect for a bouquet or enriching a centerpiece with a pop of color (available June through August)
  • Delphenium – ranges from a light blue to a bright blue. Would be great for adding blooms to a bouquet or boutonniere, large ceremony displays with sprays of color, or adding height to a centerpiece (available year round)
  • Hydrangea – the most common are a light blue, useful for making a background color for a bouquet, filler for ceremony or a base for a centerpiece. There is also a very bright blue out of Holland, absolutely stunning but with a hefty price tag. I will warn you, make sure your florist knows where to use these beauties depending on the season. Using them without a water source during intense heat is not a good idea. (available year round)
  • Dyed and tinted flowers – almost any flower can be tinted or dyed to match your wedding. When this is professionally done, it can look flawless and compliment any color scheme. A few that work well are; roses, carnations, orchids, hydrangeas and statice. We can order them this way, or tint them in our shop once they arrive.

Don’t forget that adding a color to your bouquet doesn’t have to be all floral. We can use other items to add texture and color. We can wire almost anything and incorporate them into stems to be added like flowers. Recently we collaborated with one of our favorite vendors to have them make ribbon roses in a navy satin. Stay tuned for those pictures, we don’t want to ruin it for our bride in November!

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