Fall Perfect Wedding Guide Show

We had the ultimate pleasure of being a part of the Perfect Wedding Guide show this past Fall!  As the show’s Floral Sponsor, we had the opportunity to create many different bouquet styles for the Fashion Show.  It was here that we had the chance to showcase the many design styles of Bluegrass Chic!  We, of course, included our signature look with a peach rose, babies breath, seeded euch, and succulent bouquet.  Then, we added a rustic all wax flower and babies breath bouquet that brought us back to our southern roots!  We showed off our modern side with a bouquet made with all greens and cabbage, and our funky colorful hydrangea bouquet.  Last but not least, we portrayed our elegant side with a romantic cascading black baccara rose and black mini calla lily bouquet.  We had an absolute blast making the flower girl’s babies’ breath and wax flower halo and pomander ball.  The unique boutonnieres for the groomsmen and groom were a favorite of ours, as well!  We had so much fun designing for this great event and can’t wait to do it again in the future!

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