Meet the Bluegrass Chic Team


Michelle Lewis | Owner and Lead Designer

Because Southern hospitality isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a way of life! 

Michelle Lewis - Owner and Lead Designer
  • Politeness - I was born and raised in Kentucky (Go Big Blue)! I’m wearing my UK t-shirt proudly as I sit down to tell you more about me. My mother and father raised me to say “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir”, please and thank you!

  • Good Home Cooking - Mom stayed home to raise my brother and I while my father ran his own company next door to our home. We went to church every Sunday. During the week, family dinner was on the table at 4:30, don’t be late.

  • Charity and Kindness - Both of my parents were volunteers which gave us the values we have today. Most of my family has worked in the fire service at one time or another, including myself. When I graduated from high school, my first semester of college I took the EMT course and started volunteering for my little home town and a busier city department as well. A few years later, I went to fire school, where I bridged over to work as a Part Time FF/EMT.

  • Charm – I met my husband in Indianapolis in 2016. He was from Florida and myself from Kentucky, we didn’t know how we would make this work. A few years later we were married. I packed my things, quit my jobs and moved down to Florida to be with him and start our family. I am now a mother of two beautiful children, John, 7 and Payton, 5.

  • Helpfulness - We have worked with many wonderful couples and clients providing floral for weddings and events here in Florida, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Whether you are local or coming in town for a destination wedding, we plan to treat you like family.

  • Why floral design - I grew up watching Martha Stewart and working in the garden with my mother and grandmother. Our family home was surrounded by beautiful smells and gorgeous blooms; from knockout roses, lily of the valley, zinnias, poppies, sunflowers, peonies and hydrangeas. I love being surrounded by beautiful things and getting to share them in unique ways for someone’s special day.

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Meet the Ladies


Jan McNeely

Lead Designer and Part Owner

At my age, I can say without hesitation that I have one of the best jobs ever. I can’t imagine another one that would bring me more joy or satisfaction. I love working with flowers because they are soothing to three different senses: sight, smell and the soul.

I’ve been married 47 years this year my husband Tim, a man very supportive in all of my many adventures. Many people don't realize that I live half of the time still with him in Kentucky. I love him with all my heart. I have two children Matt and Michelle (yes Michelle is my daughter) and three grandchildren. 

I spent must of my career as a full-time wife and mom and also as a "professional volunteer" in our community. Michelle and I started Bluegrass Chic 5 years ago after a trip to New York for a floral design class. Michelle had been working with a local Central Florida florist for a couple of years before that and had a great teacher in Karin Wilkinson. When Karin closed her business, we took a leap of faith! 

Now, I fly to Orlando a few times a month to design for our brides and grooms. I think this is the second best job a person could have (after being a mom that is). I get to work beside my daughter who is a very talented designer and the brains and the bookkeeper and the scheduler and everything for this business. I love her and cherish the time we are getting to spend together. 
I look forward to the next adventure. 

Her favorites...

Flower: I love the smell of lilacs and roses and hyacinths I love the look of colors and textures together they remind me of quilts.

Item to design: I love the big bouquets with lots of greenery, clusters of flowers that have texture with a little surprise like berries, feathers, succulents or air plants.

Piece of advice for brides and grooms: We know that this is probably one of, if not the most important day of your life. The only advice I have is its your wedding it can be big or small, glam or an intimate wedding, but it should reflect your faith, your love and respect for each other and family. It's important to us that you are excited and happy and feel that you are getting the quality southern hospitality and attention to detail that you deserve. We look forward to working with you on your special day


Sarah Leung

Lead Designer

I grew up in a family of florists (my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt are all designers), when I left home (Buffalo, NY) and moved to Florida there was always a part of me missing. In 2014, I finally took the chance and decided to leave a teaching career and return to floral design once again.  Immediately, I knew that I had returned to something that I was passionate about and something that could bring out the best in me!

Her favorites...

Flower: My favorites are the flowers that I grew up with in my yard.  Lilacs, lily of the valley, tulips, violets, and the most amazingly fragrant tea roses! As a child my family used to cut these and put them in vases in our house. I wish I could grow these flowers in Florida!

Item to design: I really like to design anything with greenery, such as garlands or unique bouquets and centerpieces that feature greenery as a focal piece. These pieces play with texture and monochromatic elements and I like the challenge and delight that comes in designing these pieces. 

Detail on wedding day: There is nothing more exciting to me than delivering the bridal bouquet. The relationship I build with brides and the bond we build over their flowers comes to life when I am able to hand over their bridal bouquet. My favorite moment is the expression on a brides face when I have her open her eyes to see her bridal bouquet for the first time!

Piece of advice for brides and grooms: Remember to enjoy the moments of calm during wedding week. It can become quite chaotic with family and friends joining in your celebration, photographers giving instructions all day long, time flying by, etc. and at times this can feel overwhelming. At the foundation of this entire celebration is the love you two share. So take those quiet moments, hold hands, lean on each others shoulders, get wrapped up in a big hug, and just remember that everything that is happening is because of the amazing love the two of you share!

Bluegrass Chic is amazing! Michelle was a pleasure to work with. I had an exact vision of what I wanted for my wedding at Bella Collina and she was the only florist who said, “I love a challenge!” She made my dream a reality and took my breath away with all the florals she made for my wedding day. From my bouquet to the ceremony pieces, to the suspended sign she created for the entrance of the venue, everything was perfection! Thank you, Michelle!
— Stephanie, Bella Collina Wedding