Wedding Flower Pricing

Brides often ask “how much will the flowers and decor cost for our wedding?” A quick answer doesn't exist. You can spend as little or as much as you want. It depends on the style of the event, the types and amount of flowers you would like and the time of year. Sounds easy right?

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Pricing – that’s why you are here, right? Our average wedding costs around $3300. What does this include?

  • Premium blooms in the bridal bouquet

  • Lush bouquets with popular flowers for maids

  • Boutonnieres and corsages for wedding party and immediate family

  • Floral for an arch or alter pieces

  • Combination of tall and low centerpieces for your tables

  • Candles and decor for your tables

Your actual costs are determined by the flowers you choose, amount of floral you would like, time of year, amount of time on site for setup and the location.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can we do a wedding for under $1000?

Yes, of course we can. Understanding the expectations is key. If you only need flowers for your wedding party and some small arrangements for your table, we may be able to do that. Keep in mind, this will probably be more cost effective blooms, greenery and background floral (known as filler or hydrangea to fill the space).

Do you setup and breakdown?

Yes, we would like to make your wedding experience as easy as possible. We can rent you our containers and decor items, take care of your linens and candles. We coordinate with your planner or venue coordinator for our arrival and setup times. We can schedule one of designers to stay to move items from your ceremony to reception (repurposing with the eye and skills to maintain the quality and care you expect). Then we come back at the end of the night to pack up and return any rental items back to our studio.


Can we provide our own items to incorporate into the design?

Yes, of course you can. We will ask you to bring in one of each of your items to our consult (if you have them), that way, we know exactly what we are working with. Next, we will schedule a time that works for you to either ship them to us or have you bring them in, one month before the wedding. Next, sit back and relax. Let us setup with the care as if they are ours. At the end of the night, your planner, venue coordinator or person assigned will pack up your items for you to take back home with you. Or you can gift them to your guests in a creative way.

Do we have ceremony arches, crosses, columns and more?

Yes, we have a variety of different setups for your ceremony backdrop and entry. From black iron, white wood to mahogany wood. Drape in several colors to soften the structure. Please use the search term “arch”, “cross”, “drape” to see some of our past work with these structures and items.


Would you like to know where we have worked before?

A simple search on our website search bar at the top by your venue name will show you our previous work at your venue.  Didn't find your venue? Don't worry! We visit and meet with every new venue for a full site visit before your event.

How many weddings have we done? How many do we do in a day?

Great question! We average 100 events a year. We accommodate our weddings for the day depending on location, size of event and amount of setup. We have several teams with a lead designer assigned to each wedding if design is required on location. We also have some weddings get picked up from our studio at a time that works for you. We can package and help pack them into your vehicle and give you the information you need to make sure to keep your floral fresh for your event.


We would love to schedule a time to sit down with you and explore the look, feel and colors of your wedding! We offer appointments in person, over the phone or a quote by email (we still need 15 minutes on the phone to get to know you and your wedding). If you feel we are the right fit for your wedding, please schedule an appointment with us today!

Michelle and her team did a phenomenal job at putting together our flower arrangements. We sent them general photos of what we wanted them to look like and they hit the nail on the head. Michelle even went above and beyond by letting us have fake pumpkins shipped to her house, months before the wedding, for our centerpieces. The fact that She stored them for us for quite some time was a huge help since we live in NY and wouldn’t have been able to transport them to Florida the week of the wedding. 

Their arrangements were stunning and even included some really cool looking flowers that we had never seen or heard of before. From my wife’s bouquet to my boutonniere’s and the centerpieces, they really did an outstanding job. This is definitely one flower company I will use again in the future if we even need arrangement made. 
— From the knot - posted 11/28/17